Things to Avoid when Writing a Resume

A resume is the first thing a potential employer will see, and it marks whether or not your resume will be thrown out or considered for possible employment. A good, focused resume is as important as the interview itself-going into the interview, the employer will already have a first impression of you that they have acquired from reading your resume.

The AbiWord Word Processor is Just for Writing

There are a number of free, open source word processing processing programs that are available for download on the Internet. The most popular by far is Open Office. Open Office offers a full suite of tools, such as a spreadsheet, presentation, and even tools for creating a database. Open Office offers just about the same features and capabilities as

Leadership Quality: Fair Treatment

There are many qualities of a leader that makes him/her efficient at what he/she is doing. Among these qualities, one of the most admired traits is for the leader to have fair treatment to everyone regardless of personality, background, race, religion, and more. It could be one of the most challenging traits to have and maintain.

Well, in my opinion,