The Rising Trend of E-Learning and Its Benefits

The benefits of e-learning

e-learning offers a range of benefits, which explain the success it has received thus far. Firstly, it allows students to log on and complete their studies anywhere in the world and at any time, with no restrictions. Distance learning is no longer governed by time zones or general office hours. Similarly, business training does not need

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Travel With Igogo App On Your Smartphone

With the evolution of mankind, technology has also witnessed a change at a very rapid pace. With the onset of this technological era, our bare necessities can be made available to us just by a single click. It is possible to go around anywhere without having to bother about the conveyance and the time of the day. With app,

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4 Pros and Cons Of Mobile Payment

Mobile payment has been in the online business for years now. You can use it to pay bills, make money transactions and what not. But while it is a convenient payment option, it does have its share of cons. This article takes an elaborate look at the pros and cons of mobile payment.

Don’t take this the wrong way, paying

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Rural Businesses Continue To Suffer Poor Internet Speeds

Subpar broadband limits opportunities for rural companies

Companies in rural areas have long suffered from poor broadband connectivity. But a new decision to separate BT and Openreach could be a catalyst for change.

Since the internet came to widespread attention in the 1990s, it has progressed at a tremendous pace. Those of us over a certain age will remember torturously

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Use The Internet To Find Good Muay Thai Classes In Thailand For You

The internet has changed many things for us. Modern people simply can’t imagine their lives without access to the Internet. We use the World Wide Web to communicate with each other, to buy things and to arrange our trips. In the last few years, there are many people who are interested in Muay Thai training. The reason for this interest

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Why And How Of Explainer Videos

Explaining something is a fine art, especially for a corporate body. Such ‘explaining’ has to be:

  • Succinct, lucid and clear.
  • Capable of promoting brand awareness, albeit, in a non-‘salesy’ manner.
  • Interesting – even if it is a long explanation and
  • Non-condescending too, especially when talking to customers.

If that sounds like a big ask, then take heart from the fact

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Walkera Voyager 4 With Ultrazoom

It’s been a major week in the shopper ramble market for zoom abilities. In the first place came news that DJI is set to discharge another automaton camera, the Zenmuse Z3, which offers a 7x zoom making what might as well be called a 22mm to 77mm central length range. Also, now, more news from the universe of superzoom mini

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Cyber Weddings: Are They Already Here?

In today’s day and age almost everything can be done online. One of the online activities some couples are now engaging in is cyber weddings. There are already several virtual wedding chapels online in which couples can get married without all the planning and activity that goes into a traditional wedding. The main catch seems to be that any cyber

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